2009 Events Calendar

The CCAR staff concluded two fruitful meetings last night and the planning for our 2009 season is now available on the CCAR calendar. To see what's coming up, just click on the "Calendar" item on the main menu.

The CCAR events calendar is a public calendar hosted by Google. All CCAR members have access to it to enter new events or edit existing ones.

All CCAR members also have their own FREE accounts for email, calendar, personal web site, and spreadsheet and word processing web applications at W3EOC.NET as part of your CCAR membership. To access your personal calendar, documents, e-mail and web site, simply click on the links appearing under your call sign in the right column (you must be logged into the site first). Your initial password to these personal accounts has been sent to you by email. The calendar and email applications can be integrated into your current email and calendar applications nicely. The help files are instantly available to tell you how to do these things.

Add the CCAR calendar to your personal calendar to allow easy changes and comparisons to either. How? Do this: (You must log into the site first.)

  1. Click "My calendar" in the menu to the right.
  2. Enter your call sign and password. You calendar will appear.
  3. On the left column under Other Calendars, click "Add > Add a public calendar".
  4. Select and copy this URL into your clipboard (Highlight it, and press C)


  5. Under Add Other Calendar, click the "Add by URL" tab.
  6. Put the cursor into the field and paste the URL into it (press V). Click the "Add" button.
  7. go "Back to Calendar"

The CCAR events calendar should appear in your "My calendars" list in the left column. You can select a color of your choice for it's contents display (click the down arrow). Play with it!

--Lor W3QA