Minimum Training Requirements Changed

At the recent CCAR staff meetings, we reached a consensus that the minimum training certifications required of members for RACES deployment shall be altered.

Previously, members must have had at a minimum, certifications on file for FEMA (or equivalent) ICS-100, ICS-700, ARRL ARECC Level I, and a current First Aid certificate in order to be deployed on exercises and actual incidents by CCDES. This has now been changed so that the minimums are ICS-100, ICS-700, and Level 1 (ARRL or CCAR). First Aid is no longer required, but is highly encouraged for members to obtain and keep current.

These changes still allow CCAR to meet legal NIMS standards, PEMA and CCDES requirements, and ensure that members hold athoratative training certifications for the tasks they are expected to perform while deployed. These requirements also allow CCAR members to be covered under the latest legislation for Worker's Compensation and other Pennsylvania Statutes Title 35 coverages for liability relief while officially deployed.

The status of all members on the roster have been appropriately updated. Please see "Membership > Training Achievements" in the main menu to check your current status.

--Lor W3QA