Al Rabenau, W3AHR, Accepts RO Nomination

Long a valued member of CCAR, Al Rabenau, W3AHR, accepted the nomination for appointment as CCAR's RACES Officer. His official government appointment by a CCDES Emergency Management Officer is pending.

Al brings to this appointment his emergency responder training and experience as a fireman and EMT, as well as years of operating both digital and voice modes for CCAR. Al holds an Amateur Extra Class FCC license, Air Force Military Affiliate Radio System license AFA3RA (under shich he also operates a SHARES station), all levels of the ARECC certifications, and a vast list of emergency management certifications. His participation and performance in both actual events and exercises has always found him on the CCAR "A-team". As RACES Officer, I look forward to sharing CCAR leadership with him and furthering the mission of the organization.

Please offer Al your congratulations when you see or talk to him. Congratulations, Al!

--Lor W3QA